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April 21, 2017

I've been reading a lot about writing lately (Medium.com is a pretty amazing resource for writers), and I ran across a post which explained that most blogs have one of two main purposes: either a) to teach others, or b) to catalog a learning experience. It made me wonder about how I would categorize the purpose of this blog - my hope is that people learn som...

April 15, 2017

I always looked forward to being in my 40's (and beyond), because I couldn't wait to know the things that only can be known with time, age, and experience. And I find it particularly amusing that the minutiae of life is what is currently sustaining me in a joyful way. I have become delighted with the slow, compounding benefits of small consistencies. I know,...

April 7, 2017

I write about complex women. Women with issues. Women with secrets. Smart women with blind spots and poor judgement. Women who have sex for the sake of having sex and don't feel any remorse about it. Women who are magical and powerful and not here for your bullshit. And many of those women I write about will be fat. 

Now, I understand that the word fat carrie...

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I'm On A Boat

September 2, 2017

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June 24, 2018

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