Scout and the Lavender Girl

If a bisexual runs into a lesbian's U-Haul, is that the equivalent of a second date?  

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Evie Koenig likes winged eyeliner and a solid business plan, but her post-divorce three-job-minimum life is a bit of a disaster, not to mention the fact that she's just buried her car under the back end of a huge moving truck. Which, by the way, happens to be driven by one of her sports heroes and the architect of her bisexual awakening. #fml  

Scout Martinez, retired WNBA star, is trying to put her life back together after her health, love life, and investments have all taken a beating, and she has no desire to get involved with a curvy, lavender-haired bisexual with zero girl experience. Not. Going. To. Happen.    


It's too bad, really, that they keep running into one another.  


Butch/femme, enemies-to-lovers, first time, HEA

Wrecked Series
(MM Debut under Kelly Fox)

Welcome to Wrecked, a gym for combat vets. You don’t need all of your limbs or sanity to work out here, just a history of service to your country. For your ogling pleasure we have the Viking twin Bash Brothers, and Thane, master of the Corner of Heavy Things. If you’re a bear, give Roly a shout, but don’t expect more than a one-time shot. I’d recommend avoiding old man Morris at all costs, but Nick is pretty cool once you get past all of the scowling.


Please remember to wipe down your machines, don’t flip the heavy tires unless you’ve got a spotter, and, if you’re a homophobic asshat, please see yourself to the door, unless you’d like a little help.


PS - Evie brings pizzas on Wednesdays. I’d recommend the rosemary peach (just trust me on this).

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