Scout and the Lavender Girl

If a bisexual runs into a lesbian's U-Haul, is that the equivalent of a second date?  

Evie Koenig likes winged eyeliner and a solid business plan, but her post-divorce three-job-minimum life is a bit of a disaster, not to mention the fact that she's just buried her car under the back end of a huge moving truck. Which, by the way, happens to be driven by one of her sports heroes and the architect of her bisexual awakening. #fml  

Scout Martinez, retired WNBA star, is trying to put her life back together after her health, love life, and investments have all taken a beating, and she has no desire to get involved with a curvy, lavender-haired bisexual with zero girl experience. Not. Going. To. Happen.    


It's too bad, really, that they keep running into one another.  


Butch/femme, enemies-to-lovers, first time, HEA

Dr. Hedy Villarreal Series


Paranormal romance / urban fantasy series set in Central Texas. Sorry, no vampires, werewolves, or zombies; just some hot mercenaries, hybrids, and people who are just a *tad* older than they look.

Book #1: Violet Crown

Violence and bloodshed should not be the foundation for a relationship.

Dr. Hedy Villarreal is a 40-something criminal psychologist with a foul mouth and a dead wife, and recently, life has taken a turn for the weird. One minute she's living on a beach in South Texas; the next she's discovering that there's a black ops unit operating out of her family's property deep in the Texas Hill Country. Oh, and her new best friend is a muscle-bound woman with fangs and hair that rattles.


When Hedy agrees to use her skills to profile and recruit mercenaries for this not-quite-legal enterprise, she wasn't counting on ex-Navy SEAL Edison Fitzwallace. Their first interview ends in a shouting match, and their second ends with her covered in someone else's blood. It's not an auspicious beginning, but she soon learns that he would sacrifice everything to keep her safe. 


Including the truth.

What's the first rule of running a gym for combat vets? 

Enjoy the scorching hot scenery, but get your kicks somewhere else.

Frankly, between Grindr and living in one of the gayest cities in America, it's not exactly a hardship. 

Hell, it's so easy, I can do it on one leg.

That is, until a pair of blue eyes swimming with vulnerability shows up at my door, looking for a job. He's too skinny, too mouthy, and way too young for the likes of me, but he pings that protector instinct in me, hard.

I want to fix whatever put that lost look in his eyes, but to manage that, I'd have to do the one thing I said I'd never do.
Break my own rules.

(MM Debut under Kelly Fox)