The Foster Files - Petey

UPDATE: Petey has been adopted! :)

This is Petey. He was a stray, and had been pretty well let down by every human who'd ever been responsible for him. He came into our rescue severely malnourished / underweight with all of the classic symptoms of distemper. Amy and I had never cared for a dog this sick before, and getting enough calories into him was a real challenge, mainly because he steadfastly refused to eat. After a week of meds (his), tears (mine), and kangaroo care, he seems to be turning around. His breathing is loads better, and we are finding success with tater tots and hand-fed wet food. If this was distemper, he's luckier than most.

With all of that, you couldn't blame the little guy for taking a bit to grok the outside / inside concept; however, now that he's on the mend, he's making fast progress with house training. He's a beautiful red with classic dachshund personality - cuddly and defiant.

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