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I don't speak a lot about my gayness, or whatever, because, I dunno, I'm just over here, living my life. What makes my marriage special is who I'm married to, and that it's a gay marriage factors very little in our day-to-day lives. I mean, it's Pride month, and we've barely said anything to each other about it, we rarely go to the events, and don't do much to celebrate it at all, not really. But man, I just spent the weekend watching my Love, Simon rental (which I completely missed in the theaters) and Alex Strangelove on Netflix. And I gotta say, y'all...


I mean, really. Damn.

I loved both of these deeply emotional, somewhat flawed, entirely similar, cried-for-totally-different-reasons movies. The long and short of it is... I felt seen. My confusion from when I was very young felt... seen. Both dealt with the self-repression that is a natural by-product of being told that you're wrong, and more critically for me, they both dealt with the way that confusion often translates to asshole, especially to those closest to you. And that sidebars directly into the path I had to take when I was leaving my religion, which wasn't about my sexuality at all, but rather a moral dissonance that I couldn't bear to suffer a minute longer. Yeah, even that felt seen, too.

This is thing, I think. We all have to walk part of the way alone, afraid, and confused. Even when we're surrounded by love, some of that journey is necessarily a walk through the dark night of the soul. And man, that shit is scary, and it's easy to get turned around by the fear and confusion. Movies like these are good for that, too.

So, yeah, watch a couple of coming-of-age, gay, teen romcoms when you have a chance. The message is clear - you're loved and supported, even the parts of you that you're not so sure about. While you're at it, download the soundtracks as a reminder.

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